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Fitzy Cantab window

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Cantab Lounge

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Ben Affleck's younger brother Casey Affleck talks about the Cantab in Nov. 27, 2016 CBS interview!
"Another childhood memory: Spending time with his father at his job, a celebrated local joint called the Cantab Lounge, where his father tended bar. Coincidentally, it was Tracy Smith’s favorite bar in college: “I am not kidding. Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers at the Cantab. ‘That’s where it’s at now.’ Did you used to listen to them?” “Look at that, you can sing!” said Affleck. “Maybe you’re in the wrong career.” “No, I’m not. Did you hang out there?” “Well, when he would go to work when we were very young, we would have to go and sit at one of the tables and just, like, endlessly drink ginger ales while he was working, which was fun. That’s a hell of a way to raise a kid!"

Cantab Lounge named one of

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